Curtain Fabric

Many of our customers make their own curtains and blinds. If you do not wish to do so we can offer trusted local curtain makers who we have worked with for a number of years and whose quality we trust implicitly. Please ask when visiting and we will be more than happy to pass on their contact details.

From the vast range of designer fabric we offer there will be something to suit every style of interior.  From linens to cottons, silks to velvets we have it covered and all these are offered at our amazingly low prices!

Our bargain curtain fabric can be used to create the perfect pair of curtains or a beautiful roman blind, all you need are:

Hanging curtain fabric at Ultimate Fabrics

Designer fabric at discounted prices

At Ultimate Fabrics we offer a variety of designer fabric, most at a fraction of the High Street price. The reason we can do this is that we purchase a large number of our fabrics as discontinued, over productions and slight seconds.

Discontinued fabrics have generally come to the end of their shelf life in terms of sales for the designer and the manufacturers and we are able to purchase them and offer them to our customers at bargain prices. The quality of the design and the fabric remains the same but the fabrics are no longer available in store, often designs are timeless so this is your chance to grab a bargain.

Quality Suppliers and Designers

We are lucky to be offered over productions from the mills and these fabrics are usually current excess stock that we sell direct to our customers at fabulously low prices.

A small percentage of our fabrics are purchased as slight seconds but they are closely inspected by ourselves and rejected if they do not meet our high standards of quality. If we think the fault can be utilised we offer the fabrics at a much lower price and with the fault obvious on our labels. The majority of faults within these fabrics are so slight that even when pointed out the customer cannot see them!

We offer fabrics by the metre by designers such as Sanderson, Harlequin, Zoffany, Clarke & Clarke and many more, with the majority selling at less than half the price of their recommended retail value.

Cushions, Headboards and Accessories

Our fabrics are also suitable for cushions, headboards and many more interior projects. The growing trend for keeping curtains/blinds unfussy/minimal in the home means you can really go to town with fabrics to accessorise your home, particularly with cushions – a very cost effective way of always keeping your home fresh and up to date. We offer small pieces of fabric (usually less than 3 metres) in our Fabric Remnants section and these are a highly cost effective way of updating your home!

Washable Oilcloth Fabric

We are delighted to stock a washable range of Oilcloth by Spanish manufacturer Girones. This wipeable oilcloth comes in a range of fabulous designs and can be washed up to ten times, so will last for ages! I have had mine on our dining table for over 6 months and it wipes brilliantly, I have absolutely no need yet to wash it, which means the competitive price per metre is one of my more economical buys as its appearance is anything but budget!! Great for indoor and outdoor tables.

Please head on down to our fabric warehouse or call for further information

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