Cheap fabric, but quality fabric

Do we sell “cheap fabric”?

Well, yes we do but we like to refer to our fabric as “discount fabric“.

Low Price Discount Fabric

What we sell is high quality fabric towards the end of its production run that is cheap in price, high in quality but at a discount price. This is why we have limited supplies of many of our fabrics.

Discount and Quality Fabric

Our fabric comes from reputable and experienced manufacturers producing quality fabric for some very well known brands to manufacture their end products. We do not sell the low quality type of fabric that can be found elsewhere.

We offer high end designer fabric that is cheap as in “cheap and cheerful” not “cheap and nasty”!!!

Limited Supplies

We are able to offer our amazing prices because our fabrics are mainly end of lines, over production or slight seconds and as such they are generally not repeatable/re-orderable – once they have gone they have gone! This does allow us to constantly change our stock which means there is always something new to see.

We do offer regular fabrics which can be re-ordered and have accounts with Clarke & Clarke and Prestigious for example. If you are looking to purchase any of their fabrics, give us a call, we may be able to offer it cheaper.

Quality fabrics at a cheap discounted price
Ultimate Fabrics Warehouse

Please head on down to our fabric warehouse or call for further information

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