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Curtain Lining Fabric

Selection of Curtain Lining Fabric

We offer a selection of high quality lining fabric, carefully chosen to compliment your choice of curtain fabric. People often make the mistake of opting for an inferior quality lining to reduce cost, but the correct lining can make or break the overall appearance of your finished curtains or blinds.

Our regular lining fabric is Evans DB1 lining. It is the highest quality lining we have ever come across and its superiority speaks for itself as it is now the UK’s best selling curtain lining! It is the lining of the future. The composition, construction and finish has been designed to make a fuller, more elegantly flowing drape by enhancing the sheen, reducing the creasing and increasing the width.

  • The DB1 lining weighs 200 gsm is 56”/142cms wide
  • Comes in colours stone, cream, Ivory and white
  • Very competitive prices.

Thermal Lining

Thermal lining adds another layer of protection, helping to keep a room nice and warm and increasing energy efficiency.

  • We stock thermal lining 54”/137cms wide
  • In colourway Ivory,
  • Very competitive prices.


    Blackout lining

    There was a time when blackout linings were sold only to keep the sunlight out and people often think of blackout as thick and stiff.  Nothing could be further from the truth with Evans three pass DB4 silk blackout lining! This product is fabulous, not only does it provide total darkness but it also offers excellent sound insulation, energy saving and thermal properties and helps to protect fabrics from the sun, especially here in the sunny South West!

    • We stock DB4 blackout lining which is 54”/137cms wide
    • Offers the most superior super soft blackout lining we can find
    • Comes in colours cream and white
    • Very competitive prices.

    Bonded Lining

    Bonded lining is becoming increasingly popular, especially when making roman blinds. Bonded lining is a standard lining with a lightweight interlining attached.

    • We stock this lining  54”/137cms wide.
    • In colour Ivory


    Interlining is often used to give a more opulent finish, particularly if the curtain fabric you have chosen is lightweight i.e silk. It brings increased bulk to the drape for that richer look.  Interlining also offers sound and heat insulation and protects fabric against UV deterioration.

    We offer a 100% cotton and an acrylic interlining at very competitive prices.

    • Our acrylic interlining is 300gsm heavy weight, 54”/137cms wide and comes in colour white.
    • Our cotton interlining is Evastay medium weight cotton and this weighs 260gsm, 54”/137cms wide and comes in colour white.

    If you require any other lining fabric that we do not currently stock please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to find it for you and offer you the best price!

    Please head on down to our fabric warehouse or call for further information

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