Upholstery Fabric

Demand for good quality upholstery fabric has never been stronger. Whether you are happy to try yourself or employ the skills of a local tradesman, we have the upholstery fabric for you.

We have lots of customers who wish to re-upholster an existing sofa as they cannot find one of the same quality or those wanting to breathe life back into that old chair that has been sat in the attic for many years, we have fabric suitable for both.

We have a fantastic and every changing range of fabric weight, colour and design, all high quality.


Upholstery Fabric

Re-Upholstery and Loose covers

It is always best to get the advice of a skilled tradesman if considering re-upholstering a sofa, it is not a project to be taken on lightly and we can put you in touch with local upholsterers who can advise you further as to the best fabrics for your specific requirements. Some clients want loose covers that can be washed, others require fixed upholstery and then fire retardant fabrics may be considered. We are pleased to offer both these options and can offer lots of suitable fabrics often at much less than the recommended retail price.

Upholstery Classes

We have lots and lots of customers who are taking local upholstery classes or have a desire to up-cycle their old chairs, stools, ottomans, headboards etc  and for these customers we can offer a fabulous selection of designer fabrics. As well as rolls of  upholstery fabric we also have upholstery fabric remnants all at our amazingly discounted prices many by well known fabric designers. Come and have a look what we have I am sure you will be inspired.

Local Upholsterers

We do have a list of trusted local upholsterers who we have had the pleasure of working within the last couple of years and we trust their work implicitly. Please ask for their contact details when visiting the warehouse.

Please head on down to our fabric warehouse or call for further information

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